Lady Vivian Defies a Duke

Lady Vivian Defies a Duke - Samantha Grace I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I couldn't put it down. Although Lady Vivian Defies a Duke is the fourth book in a series, I never felt like I was missing anything. It truly can be read as a stand alone. Now, I want to go back and read the first three, especially Andrew and Lana's story!

I loved both of the main characters. I really like Vivian and her tendency to do the wrong thing or at least what society perceives as wrong. Her attitude and outlook on life was refreshing. Luke is the perfect match for her. Luke has been searching for something to fulfill his life and he ultimately finds that in his betrothed. The thing that appealed to me that most about their story is that it wasn't an insta-love situation. While they are attracted to each other, they slowly fall in love with each other. That made their story that much sweeter.

The other characters in the book were wonderful. Ms. Grace has given us a slimy and cringe worthy villain in Mr. Collier. I felt really badly for Joanna and what she had to go through in the end. I definitely recommend this book to any lover of historical romance. I look forward to more from Ms. Grace in the future!