The Face of the Earth

The Face of the Earth - Deborah Raney Face of the Earth is a beautifully written and heart-wrenching story that deals with a very scary subject. Isn't every person's nightmare one where a loved one never comes home? When Michell's wife fails to return home from a teacher conference, he does everything in his power to find her. I really felt for Mitchell. I can only imagine the panic and frantic feeling of not knowing what happened. Along the way, he finds out some secrets about Jill that make him start to question his relationship with her. His heartache and guilt over imagining the worst about her came across so well. Through his faith and prayer, he is able to find some consolation. The story takes place over a year. While they are waiting for Jill to come home, the routine of life still goes on. Holidays come and go. Work and school are still there.

The book also deals with the question of how far do you take your vows that you make to your spouse? How long are you supposed to wait before you move on? One year? Ten? Can your faith be enough to sustain you until you get the answers that you need so desperately? Both Mitchell and Shelley struggle with this as they grow closer through their grief over the loss of Jill. I thought the situation was handled very well and realistically. I commended both Mitchel and Shelley for recognizing their weakness toward each other and doing things to make sure they remained just friends.

After reading the book, I'm not sure that I am any closer to an answer. I honestly don't know what I would do in this situation. I think it is only something that each person can answer for themselves. It is definitely a book that makes you do some deep soul searching. Do they ever find Jill? I don't want to give that away. I'll just say that I loved the ending. I felt like I got closure and was happy with the conclusion of my journey with Mitchell and his family.