Taken by Him

Taken by Him - Red Garnier It's a pretty short book, so it can be read in an afternoon. Luke is a playboy who sleeps with a lot of women. After someone tries to kill him, his friends send him on vacation. The attack is a wake up call for Luke and he agrees to take the time to heal and reflect. He meets Peyton and falls hard and fast. Peyton only really wants a fling.

I liked these two together. They definitely have chemistry. The author knows how to write a great bedroom scene! As with the first book, I wanted more of them. I liked that Luke wants to change his lifestyle after meeting Peyton. I'm not sure I totally believed their HEA. Maybe a HFN ending would have been more believable. I needed to see more time of them together in the real world, not just on vacation. There are more friends in the Billionarie's Club. I look forward to reading their stories.