A Matter of Days

A Matter of Days - Amber Kizer I thought the characters were pretty realistic. I really liked Nadia and Rabbit. They had been trained by both their father and uncle for survival. They were able to put much of that to good use. Who knew you could pee on a wound as a temporary disinfectant? Using the mantra "Be the Cockroach", they fought to survive. I'm not sure if I would have been prepared for something like this. I also like Zack. I loved how he kept calling Rabbit by different animal names. That made me laugh.

I think this would be good for middle grade level. There was nothing really objectionable in it. I think that anyone reading this book would benefit from reading the author's notes at the end. She offers information about pandemics and provides further reading. She emphasizes that the best thing to fight fear is information. I thought this was an important message for young readers. I definitely recommend this one!