The Night Is Forever

The Night Is Forever - Heather Graham The Night is Forever continues the Krewe of Hunters series and ends the "Night" trilogy. The thing I really like about this series is that even though it is the 11th book any of these really could be read as a stand alone. So, anyone can jump right in and enjoy. Each book is a new paranormal mystery and deals with a different "main couple". In this book, Olivia is a therapist as the Horse Farm. When the owner and founder is found dead, his ghost tells her that he was murdered. She calls her FBI agent cousin, Malachi, to come investigate. Dustin is sent in undercover to help out.

I liked the mystery in this one. I also liked the history behind the ranch and the ghosts found there. That is another thing I like about this series. The author always includes a bit of a history lesson in her stories. They aren't long and boring, but just enough to add some good context to the story. I didn't see the killer coming, so that was a nice surprise. I did like the romance between Olivia and Dustin. Their first love scene was pretty amusing.

The next book, The Cursed comes out in May. I can't wait to read it!