Surrender to Sultry

Surrender to Sultry - Macy Beckett Surrender to Sultry is the third book in the Sultry Springs series. I really enjoyed the book. While it wasn't the best out of the three, I think that the characters in this book are the most changed, especially Colt. His old nickname was Crazy Colt. After being almost killed in the previous book, he has cleaned up his act and is now sheriff of Sultry Springs. When Leah comes back he realizes this is his chance to make her his for good. It was fun to watch Colt try to win Leah over. I have to say, the surprise date was just too sweet!

The one thing that I really had a hard time with was the secret that Leah kept from Colt. I thought his forgiveness of her was a little too quick. I'm not sure I could forgive that so easily. But, in the end, Leah's decisions was all for the best. I did love the epilogue. I'm not sure if there will be any more books from this town. I hope there are because I have enjoyed them immensely!