The Story Guy

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers I thoroughly enjoyed The Story Guy. I really knew nothing about it going into the book. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the story was a unique and well written. I just wish it had been longer as I usually do with novellas I enjoy. I wanted to see what happened next with Carrie and Brian.

Carrie answers a personal ad to meet a man in the park on Wednesdays to spend the time kissing only. When she meets Brian for the first time, the kiss turns into something more than either of them expected. The problem is that Brian has an obligation that doesn't leave him much time for himself. Once the obligation is revealed, you can't help but feel so badly for Brian. It's hard to see someone sacrifice so much of themselves and never take anything in return. I was really rooting for him. The ending for me was bittersweet and I found myself tearing up. This is definitely a good debut and one worth checking out!