Love at High Tide

Love at High Tide - Christi Barth Love at High Tide is a fun book to read. Not only is there a steamy romance, there are fun characters and an exciting mystery. I love Darcy and Cooper. Who wouldn't want to be rescued from the ocean by a hunky cop? From the first, their attraction was strong. Little did Cooper know he was going to get dragged into a romance as well as a prostitution ring. Both characters are on vacation to try to figure things out about themselves. Darcy is trying to decide if she want to take a job in Africa and Cooper is trying to figure out what his next step is after injuries leave him without a career path. Sometimes all it takes is meeting the right person to be able to put your life in perspective.

The peripheral characters rounded out the story nicely. Trina's quest to become a private investigator gets her and Darcy into a sticky situation. It also leads to some very amusing scenes. I hope Trina shows up in a future book. I would also love to see if Brad can get over his broken heart and find love again. The book is a great one to take while relaxing on t he beach. Definitaly check it out!

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