The Hero

The Hero - Robyn Carr I swear this series keeps getting better and better. I have probably said ti before about this series, but the thing I am loving the most is the way the author includes many of the past characters. It's like visiting with old friends. I know I would love to live in a town like this one.

In The Hero, Devon has run from a commune with her 3 YO daughter. She has come to realize that her idealistic life is really a prison and she wants to live freely. Rawley picks her up in the highway and recognizes a lost soul in need of help. He brings her to Thunder Point where she begins to make a life for herself and Mercy. There she meets Spencer and their love story begins.

I loved Spencer and Devon together. I admired Devon's caution about their relationship and commended her for wanting to take things slow. Despite Spencer's freak-out, I thought they were great together. But, even more than Spencer and Devon's relationship, I loved the bond that Devon and Mercy formed with Rawley. We get to see more of his true personality in this book. The way he took to being a "grandpa" was super sweet.