Against the Ropes

Against the Ropes - Sarah Castille Against the Ropes is a new twist on the rich guy/ broke girl genre that seems to be dominating the world of books lately. In this one, the rich guy had an alternate lifestyle as an underground MMA fighter. For the most part, I enjoyed the book. Makayla and Max/Torment were good for each other. Both of them definitely have issues stemming from childhood. Makayla has a real aversion to violence. She gets physically ill at the sight. This kind of works against her when she takes a job as an EMT in Max's gym. Max has the deep need to protect the people he cares about and this causes a lot of control issues between the two. I liked Makayla, although I thought she did have some TSTL moments. The situation she gets in with her friend toward the end of the book is proof of that. I kind of didn't blame Max for walking away. I was rooting for this couple to make it. I really felt like they had a shot of working through their issues.

The book takes place in the world of underground MMA fights. I don't know much about the sport, but I thought the author gave me enough to details to feel comfortable with the subject. I'm not sure I could watch any of the fights either. I did have to wonder at Makayla's decision to work there as an EMT, since no doctor would risk their license by working in a place that had underground fighting. If they wouldn't then why would she want to risk her EMT certification to do it? Anyway, it's a good romance with fun characters. I hope some of the other fighters have their own stories. They seem like a great bunch of guys.