Forgiving Lies

Forgiving Lies - Molly McAdams Given that I really disliked Taking Chances, I was a little wary going into this book. I am always willing to give an author another try. Hey, we can't love them all, right? I am glad I gave this one a chance. I did enjoy Forgiving Lies. I thought the characters, for the most part, were great and the story was attention grabbing.

The thing that I liked the most about this story of Rachel and Kash was that they became friends before they gave into their attraction. Despite the "big lie" that Kash is keeping from Rachel, they really got to know each other ahead of time. That really made me buy into their love story.

One thing I have to say about this author is that she really knows how to write extremely dislikable characters. I couldn't stand Candice. If your BFF tells you that your cousin tried to rape her, shouldn't you give her the benefit of the doubt? I had such a hard time with the way she treated Rachel when it came to that. Family or not, you have been best friends with this girl your whole life, why wouldn't you believe her? Her attitude just sucked. I loved Rachel and couldn't understand why she would choose to be friends with someone like Candice. That was the one part of the book that had me shaking my head.

I do recommend this one. It's the first in a series. Be warned this end in a HUGE cliffhanger. So, the next book better come out soon! I really need to know what happens next!