Killer Image

Killer Image - Wendy Tyson I actually really enjoyed this book. I'm not usually too much into straight mysteries but the synopsis sounded interesting. I'm glad I read it. I enjoyed the characters as much as the mystery. Allison Campbell is an image consultant She helps people better themselves in both their professional and personal lives. Her only exception is that the won't work with kids. The reasons for this are slowly revealed over the course of the book as she draws comparisons between her new client Maggie and a long lost client.

I liked Allison a lot. She has molded herself into a something that is far from her childhood. Her life is very ordered, or as ordered as she can get. She has a sister that she doesn't really get along with, ailing parents, and an ex-husband who she still has feelings for. I really felt for her when she as she struggles with the guilt she felt over what happened 10 years before. The ending of the book was very bittersweet but gave her some much needed closer.

The story has a great mystery. There are a lot of characters in the beginning, but the story-line is well planned out so that the puzzle of how they fit comes together seamlessly. I was only partially right in who the killer was, so that made the book more enjoyable. I definitely recommend this one. I look forward to reading more adventures with Allison Campbell!