Yours to Keep

Yours to Keep - Serena Bell On the whole, I really enjoyed Yours to Keep. It's a sweet love story between two people who finally find peace and home in each other. I thought that Ana and Ethan were wonderful together. Their chemistry was very hot. But, more than that, they were a good fit. I liked both characters, with one exception. I really didn't like Ethan's attitude toward the mothers of his patients and the moms at the school. I thought the way he stereotyped them was a bit annoying.

The larger story deals with the real issue of illegal immigration. Personally, I have pretty strong opinions on the subject, but I was able to put those aside to enjoy the story. I did feel badly for Ana and her family. For Ana, her immigration status wasn't really her fault having come to the country so young. I can't imagine that living under the radar for so long is a fun way to live. I think one of my biggest problem with the story was the status for Ana's family members in the end. While her status was all set, what about the others?

Loveswept has an enjoyable debut on their hands. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Bell comes out with next.