The Curl Up & Dye

The Curl Up & Dye - Sharon Sala I always know I'm going to get a good read when I pick up a book by this author. Curl Up and Dye was such a fun book to read. Set in the small town of Blessings, Georgia, it is filled with fun characters and southern charm. Like a lot of small towns the beauty shop is the center of gossip and town goings on. Readers were first introduced to the town and shop in the prequel novella, Color Me Bad. While I didn't think it was necessary to read that first, it is definitely worth trying it out as well.

This story centers around LilyAnn and Mike. LilyAnn lost her high school sweetheart to war 11 years ago and instead of moving on has let her life stop all together. Mike has lived next to LilyAnn all his life and is her best friend. He has also been in love with her since the 10th grade. I just love reading stories about friends who finally admit they love each other. It takes them a while, but their journey is so worth their sweet HEA. LilyAnn makes a lot of changes and has to learn to love herself before she can see what is right in front of her. Of course, the couple also gets a little help from the lovely ladies at the beauty shop. Sometimes two people in love need a little push, right?

The book isn't all cozy and laughs. Some of the people in Blessings carry some dark secrets. But, then what small town doesn't have its secrets? It looks like this is the first in a series. I can't wait to visit the town of Blessings, Georgia again! It's a quick, fun read and definitely one I recommend!