The Line

The Line - J.D. Horn The Line is a paranormal story about an extensive family of witches who live in Savannah. Except for Mercy. She was the twin born without any power. When her great aunt is murdered she finds herself involved in a fight for her life. I liked the overall story-line. There were a couple of twists and surprises toward the end that I thought were clever. I also like Mercy's character. I felt kind of bad for her having to grow up in a house full of witches and being the odd man out.

While I liked the book, I didn't love it. My biggest issue with the story was the lack of world building. I kept getting the sense that I had walked into the middle of a movie. I felt like there was something missing. I'm not sure I understood the idea of the 'line holders" or what the fight with the demons was all about. I also needed more back story about the family members. Things became a little clearer in the end, but for I felt like it too a little too long. The Line is the first in a series and not bad for a debut book. I do want to pick up the next one to see how Mercy handles the job she was given in the end.