If You Leave

If You Leave - Courtney Cole I am in the minority here. I didn't care for the first book and I think I liked this one even less. I didn't buy into the love story. When exactly did Madison and Gabe fall in love? They didn't really hang out enough to fall in love for me. Almost hooking up, hating each other, then finally having sex, doesn't make true love.

I also thought Madison was a bit harsh on him when he left for therapy. How many times does the guy have to apologize for leaving? Cut him some slack. He is finally trying to get help. That was another thing. I had a hard time buying a guy who almost killed 2 women in his sleep would wait for so long to get help. Come on, really?

Finally, I detested Jacey. The juvenile things she pulled were annoying and unforgivable. I don't think that I will be reading her story, which is next.