Zero-Degree Murder

Zero-Degree Murder - M.L. Rowland Zero Degree Murder is a fast paced, exciting thriller. I was definitely sucked right into the book. This is a book that I think would be a good movie. It has everything you look for in a good thriller...a creepy bad guy, a handsome movie star, and a no-nonsense tough as nails woman who you know is going to survive.

The characters were engaging. I really liked Gracie and Ralph. Their deep friendship really came across. Gracie was a great match for mother nature. I liked her will to survive. The parts about wilderness survival were very interesting. But, after reading about surviving in the cold, I'm not sure I'll be going camping any time soon!

I definitely recommend this book. It's the first in a new series. I look forward to reading more about Ralph and Gracie again in the future!