Silver Linings

Silver Linings - Kaylee Baldwin Silver Linings is the second in this clean romance novella series. Drew showed up briefly at the end of Home Matters. Disillusioned by his parents wealth and power, he has donated his entire trust fund which numbers in the millions to Olivia and Pete's charity. He has left everything behind and traveled to crash with his friend Jace. An accident causes him to stumble into a nursing home where he meets Eden and a whole cast of fun characters who live at Silver Linings. I really felt like the meddling matchmakers at the nursing home were the highlight of the story.

I thought this one was such a sweet romance. I liked it because it was fun to watch Eden and Drew fall in love. Even though they both know it is wrong. The problem is that Eden has a boyfriend. Normally, I wouldn't be into a story where one person in the pair already has a boy/girlfriend but honestly, Jace and Eden really had no relationship. Other than an emotional connection, I was happy to see that Drew and Eden did not cross a line that shouldn't be crossed.

This story has a lot packed into it. I think I ran the gamut of emotions while reading it. Both Eden and Drew are searching for peace and home. I loved the bond that Eden had with her mother. I also really felt for Eden in her struggle to take care of her dying mother. It was sad, yet very touching. The sacrifices that Drew makes because of his love for Eden were amazing. I highly recommend this one! I can't wait to read Jace's story in Righting a Wrong!