The Bride Says Maybe

The Bride Says Maybe - Cathy Maxwell I had a such different reaction to The Bride Says Maybe than I did to the first book. I found I really enjoyed Tara's story. I detested her in the first book, but she goes through a major transformation in this story and I found myself liking her. As I got to know her character's background more, I could see how she ended up the way she did and felt bad for her. Her beauty tended to have people dismiss her and it's no wonder she turned out to be a brat.

She and Breccan were a great match for each other. I loved him and even though his reasons for marrying Tara weren't the greatest, he ends up really respecting her. Their first love scene was pretty funny. In fact, there is a lot of humor in this story. Something that was lacking from the first one. I do recommend this one as it's the better of the two. I almost feel like this one could be read as a stand alone novel since some of the ground from the first book is gone over in this one.