Righting a Wrong

Righting a Wrong - Rachael Anderson Ever think about the one that you left behind and wonder if you made a mistake? When Cambri returns to her home town to take care of her father, she begins to think that she may have made a mistake running away from her best friend, Jace. Righting a Wrong is a great addition to this series. Not only does Cambri realize that she might want a second chance with Jace, she is also able to start healing some wounds between herself and her father.

I loved Cambri. I didn't blame her for wanting to get out and "see the world". Sometimes when you go away and come back, that is the only way to truly appreciate what you had in the first place. I was hoping that she would realize Jace was the one for her all along. I loved Jace in the last story and was hoping he would get his HEA! Lydia's story is next. I look forward to reading about her big adventure!