The Garden Plot

The Garden Plot - Marty Wingate The Garden Plot was a pleasant surprise. I'm not usually one for straight cozy mysteries, but I found myself really liking the main character Pru and her adventure. There was also a sweet surprise romance in the book that made it that much better. Pru is a transplant from Texas. Her mother was from England and she decided to move to England to start a new life. She gave herself a deadline of a year to find a permanent head gardener position before she heads back home. When the story begins, it is down to the last few weeks before her time is up.

I thought Pru was a great amateur detective. She is older and fiercely independent. She also has an amazing wealth of knowledge about English gardens. She and Christopher's story was very sweet. I enjoyed the mystery. In reminded me of the TV show Rosemary and Thyme and others British shows like it. I could see this one on TV. I didn't figure out the ending and loved the twist. It looks like this is the beginning of a series and I look forward to having another adventure with Pru. I congratulate Ms. Wingate on a great debut novel!