A Beautiful Distraction

A Beautiful Distraction - Kelsie Leverich A Beautiful Distraction was a very enjoyable and pretty quick read. It is the third in Ms. Leverich's "Hard Feelings" series. I haven't read the first two, but after reading this one, I look forward to adding them to my TBR list. I felt like this one could be read as a stand alone book. I never got the feeling I was missing any back story. I'm not even sure if any of the characters in this book show up in the previous ones.

Rafe and Fallon were well matched. Fallon was rejected by her family for a teenage mistake made in the act of rebellion. A promising ballerina, she used her dancing skills and built herself into a successful business woman. She co-owns the hottest burlesque club in town. When Rafe sees her perform one of her rare dances on stage, he falls for her hard. I liked the theme running through this book. That when it is the right person, they can be not only a welcome distraction but a shoulder to lean on when you need. Someone who can make you lower your defenses and allow yourself to feel. I absolutely loved what Rafe did in the end for Fallon that proved to her he chose her over everything. I definitely recommend this one!

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