The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery

The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery - Thomas Shawver I wasn't sure what to expect with The Dirty Book Murder, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a well written and quick read. It isn't exactly the "cozy" mystery I thought I was getting. It has a bit more grit that I would have expected. I really liked Mike, the main character. He is an older man, former lawyer, widower and has flaws all over the place. But he seemed like the type of guy I'd like to know. He owns one of my favorite places to be...a used book store.

When he goes to an auction and tries to bid on a set of erotic books, he ends up entangled in a murder mystery as the number one suspect. Of course, this means he has to do some detective work himself. I liked the mystery. It had a few twists, one that I guessed. But it was well written and planned out with reveals just at the right time. It looks like this will be a series. I was also impressed that it is a debut novel. I see a bright future for Mr. Shawyer in this genre and I look forward to the next book.