Second Chances 101

Second Chances 101 - Donna K. Weaver As the novella series continues with Second Chances 101, we find ourselves with Francie, the owner of the box from the last novella, Lost and Found. Her son is off to college and so is she. She has lived for years being put down by her late husband and she has to work hard at believing in herself. Alex also has an ex-wife that constantly makes him question himself and never feels good enough. If two people were ever more right for each other, then it is these two.

I enjoyed this one, however, I think it would have benefited from a longer story-line. I felt like a lot of it was a bit rushed and would have liked to see more of Alex and Francie together to see them really fall in love. I just wanted more! Still, it is a sweet story about believing in yourself and giving yourself the right to start over.