The Heist

The Heist - Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, well at least up until about book 13. I also was a huge fan of the TV Show "Monk", which Lee Goldberg was a writer for. Put these two authors together and you have the potential for a hugely funny and madcap adventure. Thankfully, they pulled it off in The Heist. I thought this book was hilarious and found myself laughing out loud constantly. The in-jokes and circumstances that Kate and Nick find themselves in kept the book fresh and engaging.

I loved Kate because she is a kick-ass agent who isn't TSTL and not really afraid of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I also loved Nick. He reminded me of Neal Caffrey from the TV show "White Collar". Very smart, sexy and always got a con up his sleeve. The chemistry between the two was just right in a not annoying way. My only hope is that as the series goes along we won't constantly get a "will they or won't they" scenario. That will get old fast. I think that is what got tiring for me with the Stephanie Plum series.

The peripheral characters added a lot of comic relief to the story. I really hope that they show up in later books. I loved Willy and her honesty. I also loved Kate's father and their relationship. The cons were fun to watch unfold, especially when things went wrong.

If you haven't given this one a shot yet, I highly recommend it.

Review will post on From the TBR Pile June 8, 2014.