Stealing the Moon & Stars

Stealing the Moon & Stars - Sally J. Smith, Jean Steffens Stealing the Moon and Stars is the first in a new detective series. Jordan Welsh and her partner in business, Eddie Marino are private investigators. They have been hired by a large charity foundation to find out where a large sum of money has gone missing.

I thought the mystery was pretty good with a couple of twists. It was well written and plotted out. I liked both Jordan and Eddie. They worked well together. Jordan is trying to be come a very independent person and establish her own identity apart from her family's wealth. Eddie's background is a little shady and adds some mystery to him. Eddie is in love with Jordan, but she's holding back. I also liked that aspect of the story-line. The woman was the hesitant one this time around. It wasn't too angsty though, which was a bonus. I think this writing team has put out a good solid mystery. I see the potential for a great series. I look forward to the next one.