Meant to be Mine

Meant to be Mine - Becky Wade Meant to Be Mine is the second in the Porter family series. I didn't realize it was part of a series, but to be honest, I didn't feel like I had to read the first book to know what was going on. I enjoyed Ty and Celia's story. They got married on a whim in Las Vegas and after their one night together, Ty breaks Celia's heart. 5 years later, he finds out she had a child that he never knew about. I enjoyed watching these two fall in love with each other.

I loved Ty. His career has ended and now he is at loose ends. He is stumbling and trying to figure out what is next and how his daughter and "wife" fit into that next step. His family and his faith play a big role in helping him find his way. For the most part, I liked Celia. She is independent and a good mother. However, I thought that her true forgiveness for Ty came after too much time. I felt like what she did in keeping Addie from Ty was just as bad as what he did to her 5 years before. Yet, it took her so long to forgive and trust him. That got on my nerves after a while. But, I was rooting for them to finally admit they were so right for each other.

If you are looking for a sweet clean romance, this book is for you. I loved Bo and Meg and want to go back and read their story in Undeniably Yours. I hope Jake's story is next! I look forward to reading it!