Murder on Ice (Figure Skating Mystery)

Murder on Ice (Figure Skating Mystery) - Alina Adams Murder on Ice is a very entertaining mystery. The author definitely kept me guessing as to who the killer was, which is something I have always liked in a book. Bex is a great character. She is smart and has lots of courage to try and figure out who the killer is. The other characters in the book definitely enhance the story. I loved the scenes with Frances and Diana as they were very amusing! Recently re-issued with enhanced multimedia content, I did have problems connecting to the videos of the skating through my Kindle, but that could have just been my connection at the time. When I switched to reading on the computer, I had no issues. I like the videos because it added a nice visual to the story. If you missed this first in the series, pick it up. Old or new version, I know you will be entertained by a great mystery