Magick by Moonrise

Magick by Moonrise - Laura Navarre Let me start by saying that Magick by Moonrise is a well written and well thought out book. There is a lot of world building in this first book. I liked both Rhiannon and Beltran and I found myself rooting for them to find a way to be together.

Having said all that, I found that the book just didn't work for me overall. It may have been that there was too much of a mix of genres in the book. There is fantasy, historical, and angels. Because of this, the book was too densely packed for me to enjoy. It dragged in places and I found myself skimming.

I do think that this book will work for anyone who loves both historical and fantasy together. Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean others won't enjoy it. It has gotten good reviews and I think it should be given a chance. So, check it out.