Running Wild

Running Wild - Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones For the most part, I enjoyed the book. I liked the main characters, Carlin and Zeke. They are well matched and their attraction definitely sizzles. Any fan of Linda Howard's love scenes will really enjoy the ones in here.

The peripheral characters were also fun. I especially liked Spencer. He was just too cute and I hope he gets his own story! There wasn't much mystery and I never really got the sense that Carlin was in any real danger until the end of the book. So, I would read it for the romance, not the suspense.

My biggest complaint about the book was the same issue I had with their previous collaboration, Blood Born. It was so repetitive. I think a third of the book could have been cut out. I was annoyed after the 5th time I was reminded that Carlin really couldn't stay at the ranch and would have to move on soon. Had I not been listening to the audio, I probably would have skimmed passages at that point to move the story along. The character's also had a lot of internal dialogue that really slowed the book down. I couldn't find any info on the next one, but I'll probably continue with the series if it ever comes out.