Promise  - Kristie Cook I had high hopes for Promise after reading the forward by the author. The version I read was re-released with better editing and new content. In other words, it as written the way she had originally intended it to be presented. I wasn't disappointed. Promise is a beautifully and well written love story.

Alexis has known she was different all her life. She can heal any wound that she gets almost immediately. Her mother never seems to age. And on top of that, she is constantly moving. She longs for a normal life. Instead, it seems someone wants to kill her and her mother is not telling her things she needs to know. She meets Tristan in a college class and the connection runs deeply almost instantly. I really enjoyed watching Tristan and Alexis get to know each other. They became friends first which I think made their love more believable.

Ms. Cook has created a unique world which revolves around the Amadis and the Daemoni. I look froward to learning more about both sides and how they came to be. One thing that did bother me about the book was the people around Alexis kept only giving her part of the story. This got to be frustrating for me after a while. But then, I have no patience and had to remind myself to trust in the author. Promise ends in an emotional cliffhanger, so you might want to have the second book, Purpose, ready to read. I know I have it loaded on my Kindle ready to go.

I definitely recommend Promise! I know that Ms. Cook has a promising future as a writer. I look forward to seeing what comes next.