Sweetly - Jackson Pearce I enjoyed Sweetly a lot more than Sisters Red. This time around, the book is all in one character's perspective. For some reason, that made the book flow better for me. The author continues in the world of the Fenris and adds a little more to the mythology.

The characters in this book were more likeable. I really liked Gretchen. She has not only had to deal with the loss of her twin, but the loss of her parents as well. She thinks she is weak, but when put to the test, she is able to find her own strength and stand on her own. Her and Samuel's relationship was very sweet.

There is less action in this one, mostly in the end. While I was able to figure out most of the end before it happened, there were a couple of surprises, which was nice. I felt like the ending left more room for another book involving the Fenris. I'm hoping the author explores them a little more. If you liked Sisters Red, I know you will enjoy this one.