Eye Contact

Eye Contact - Rebecca Royce I really enjoyed Eye Contact. Ms. Royce has created an interesting world where people who are born with special abilities are called Conditioned. It reminded me of the X-Men, except the Conditioned have been kept away from society. They aren't even thought of as human. They have no rights at all. Spencer Lewis is one of the special Conditioned who is let out occasionally to use his special ability to find lost people. Addison Wade hires him to find her kidnapped nephew.

I expected a paranormal romance, but what I got was so much more. The story is well written with intriguing characters. The mystery was well thought out and had a nice twist at the end. I loved Spencer and Addison together. I think my favorite scene was the one where Spencer gets to drive for the first time. It is such an endearing scene that made me fall in love with both of them! I look forward to reading the next books in the series. I hope she features more of the secondary characters that appeared in this one. Eye Contact is definitely worth reading!