Good Girls Don't

Good Girls Don't  - Victoria Dahl This was a great start to the trilogy. Tessa is the youngest of 3 siblings who run their family brewery business. For Tessa, she has felt for years that it is her job to keep the family together. She has always wanted to be in control of everything and tries to constantly make things right for her brothers. If it means she has to lie, she will. Luke is a former college friend of Jamie's who comes into investigate when there is a break in at the brewery. He has no room in his life for commitment, but he also didn't count on Tessa. Jamie and Tessa were great together. I liked that Tessa was the forward one in the relationship. You don't see that much in romances.

I love the characters in this series. While they are all smart and great people, they are all far from perfect. The family isn't as close as it is in most books. They all love each other, but they have major issues to overcome before they can be close again. Since they are siblings, there are some really funny scenes, especially when it comes to the brothers trying to protect Tessa's virtue. Definitely recommend this one!