Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter - Nora Roberts Nora Roberts is a favorite of mine. She usually doesn't disappoint. Having said that, Mind over Matter is not one of my favorites of hers. Aurora (AJ) is an agent for her mother Clarissa, who is a psychic. David wants to interview Clarissa for a TV documentary that she is doing. Both AJ and David are loners and not really interested in commitment. The chemistry between the two is instant, but they are so opposite, I'm not sure I believed that fate meant them to be together.

Wile David was likable, AJ annoyed me. She is one of those people who expect the worst to happen at any time, so she never allows herself to live. It got to be tedious after a while. This story is also a classic tale of miscommunication at its best. For people in love, they really don't like to talk to one another.

While not the best, it is still a Nora Roberts book. Fans of her will be entertained as I know I was.