Perfectly Crazy

Perfectly Crazy - Mitzi Penzes Perfectly Crazy explores what happens when life as you know it changes in an instant. What would happen if you thought you were perfectly happy, then something happened to make you question your life. A kiss from her best friend makes Nell question her life and marriage. Should she take a risk, or keep what she has?

I liked the idea for the story and was intrigued by the synopsis. I did like that even though Nell realizes she has feelings for her friend David, she doesn't just throw away her marriage on a whim. I started out liking the book, but after the first few chapters, I found I really didn't care for Nell. I thought Nell was incredibly selfish and immature. She seemed very superficial to me. Her husband conveniently died and she jumped right into a relationship with David. She barely mourned her husband, making me question the trueness of her fidelity in the first place. She also fled the country to "find herself" leaving a 16 YO daughter on her own at home. She then had an affair while on her quest and didn't seem to feel very guilty about it. I just couldn't find anything to like about her.

The peripheral characters didn't add much to the book. I found their dialogue a bit too fluffy and immature for the characters' ages. At times, they sounded like they were in high school. For the seriousness of the material, everyone seemed too happy-go-lucky.

Perfectly Crazy is a quick read, so you could probably read it in an afternoon. As I said, I think the author had a great idea, it just fell short for me