An Alpha's Path

An Alpha's Path - Carrie Ann Ryan An Alpha's Path is a really quick read. While I enjoyed it, I felt like it was a teaser book to get me interested in the series. I wanted to know more about Kade and his family as well as the Redwood Pack and the mythology in this world of werewolves. I can assure you that I have the next book, A Taste for a Mate, in my TBR pile! Ms. Ryan has a very nicely written story on her hands. This is definitely would fall into the erotica category. The sex scenes are very sexy and tastefully written.

I loved the characters. Kade may be an alpha, but seeing him blush and get flustered when questioned about his date with Melanie was just too sweet. I liked Melanie and I honestly couldn't blame her for the decision she refuses to make. I probably would need to take a step back as well were I in her shoes. Still, I was rooting for their HEA! Definitely give this one a try! I look forward to the rest of the series.