Temptation (Silhouette Romance #529)

Temptation (Silhouette Romance #529) - Nora Roberts Temptation is one of the reasons I love to read the older romances by my favorite authors. It oozes with cheese, but that is what makes it so good. Yes, the clothing and technology is outdated, but the general story isn't. Actually, Temptation is one of Nora's milder romances. There is really no sex in it, just hot kissing scenes. It was kind of refreshing that they didn't hop into bed after the first meeting.

Eden is a socialite thrown into making her own way in the world and I admired her determination to change herself. I will admit though that her hot and cold behavior toward Chase got a bit tired after a while. But, she redeemed herself in the end when she sticks up for herself with her aunt and ex-fiance. Chase is a great character. He is confident, funny and comfortable in his own skin. And he is smitten with Eden from the first minute she falls on him. I loved the scene when Chase and Eden first meet. It was so good it had me smiling all day. I was definitely rooting for these 2 in the end.

Temptation was recently released on audio. It's about 4.5 discs long, so a quick listen. The narrator was fun to listen to. If you missed it try it out. You'll be smiling in the end..I know I was!