Hunter Moon

Hunter Moon - Cait Lavender Hunter Moon is an enjoyable story. The one thing I did love about it were the characters! Shelby is one tough lady. I loved that she was strong, independent and wasn't afraid to face danger. She also was willing to fight for what was hers. Cash was a great match for Shelby.Their chemistry was sizzling, if not a bit frustrating. But, I did like that they didn't jump in the sack after the first kiss. The peripheral characters rounded out the book nicely.

While I did enjoy the book overall, I felt like the first half of the book dragged a bit. It didn't really get going until halfway through the book. Then, it sucked me right in. For me, the book started out to as a romantic suspense, then changed over into a paranormal romance. I wish that the paranormal aspect of the book had come in a lot sooner than it did. I think the book would have flowed better for me that way. Be warned, this book ends in a huge cliffhanger. At first, I thought I was missing part of the book. As you know, I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. I can only hope that the next installment comes out soon because I HAVE to know what happens next!

I do recommend giving Hunter Moon a shot. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Lavender.