Knee Deep

Knee Deep - Jolene Perry I really enjoyed Knee Deep. I was able to pretty much read it in one sitting. I really think it will be a great read for any YA reader, especially the girls. Ronnie has been in love with Shawn since she was fourteen. But as they get older, their relationship turns violent. Stress and alcohol play a huge part in Shawn becoming violent. Ronnie does what many victims of boyfriend or spousal abuse do, they hide it and believe that the abuser can change. The book also showed what can happen when parents don't pay enough attention to their kids. They miss when something really bad is happening to them. I was angry at Ronnie's parents for not noticing things were seriously wrong. Even her friends suspect, but don't intervene right away.

I loved Luke. He has loved Ronnie forever, but has instead played the best friend in order for Ronnie to be happy. I applauded his decision in the end to give her time. I think that was important and would ultimately make their relationship stronger in the end. Ronnie also struggles with her decision of "going all the way". I was happy that she listened to her gut and realized she wasn't ready. She didn't give into peer pressure.

Knee Deep is well written and very honest. I definitely recommend picking this one up!