Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning - Elizabeth Lowell Chain Lightning is one of Ms. Lowell's early contemporary romances. For the most, I enjoyed the story, even if it was a bit cheesy. Damon and Mandy spend a month on a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef. They are thrown together by Damon's aunt. The big problem is that Mandy is afraid of the water because of a tragic accident years before.

I liked Damon and Mandy together. They definitely had a lot of chemistry. In fact, this is probably one of the more erotic stories from the 80s that I have read. But, then this author can really write a great love scene. I did have to admire Mandy for the way she was able to work through her fears and reclaim the sea that she loves so much. The only thing I didn't like was the big lie that Mandy told Damon. I thought it was sneaky and made me lose some respect for her.