The Navy SEAL's Bride

The Navy SEAL's Bride - Soraya Lane I thoroughly enjoyed The Navy SEAL's Bride. Ms. Lane has shared with us a beautiful story About 2 people who have been through their own personal war and come away scarred. Caitlin has been hurt by both her father and an abusive boyfriend. She doesn't trust men easily. Tom has been injured in battle and is coming to grips with his change in career. Neither is looking for love. I thought hat Tom and Caitlin were cute together. I was so rooting for both of them. I love stories where two troubled people begin to heal as they fall in love. I applauded Caitlin for making the decision to walk away for a bit when she did. It was nice to see a heroine have the strength to do the right thing for herself, even if it didn't feel good. This book looks to be part of a series, but I didn't feel lost in the least. If anything, I will be seeking out the other books in the "Heroes Come Home" line.