Courageous - Diana Palmer I usually read about 50 pages or at least 2 CDs before I give up on a book. I lasted only half of the first disc. First, Peg, the 19-YO, naive heroine states that she is different from her friends because she doesn't believe in sex before marriage. Then she proceeds to say really suggestive things to the Winslow (the hero). Things like: "I hear they have birth control now that is 100% effective." and "It's not the size that matters; it's what you do with it that counts." Really? A few pages later, he tells her she should be in college and could major in Home Ec. they even offer that in college anymore? He is also scandalized that they allow coed dorms now. Anyway, I could see this book was going the way of Merciless (which I disliked) so I decided to stop. The book seems incredibly out-dated for having been written in 2012.When the setting is 2012, I want the characters to act like they are in 2012.