Kiss of Surrender

Kiss of Surrender - Sandra Hill Kiss of Surrender is the second in the "Deadly Angels" series by Sandra Hill. I definitely liked this one much better than the first one, Kiss of Pride. Ms. Hill has created a unique take on vampires and angels by combining them into one. Oh, and they are also vikings. In the 9th century, seven viking brothers are each guilty of one of the deadly sins. In Trond's case, it is sloth. The Archangel Michael intervened on their behalf and turned them into vampire angels (vangels). As penance, he has commissioned them to a 1000+ years of fighting against Lucifer's evil minions. They are vampires as well (lucipires), but they feed off of the sins and evils of man. There is more to the background, but that is the short version.

I enjoyed this fresh take on the vampire and angel genre. The one thing I liked about the book is that there is a lot of humor packed into the story. The romance was very steamy and believable. I loved Trond and Nicole together. Along with humor and romance, there is some intrigue and action in the book, so I think most readers will be interested.

The one thing I didn't like about the book (as well as in the first book) is all of the pop culture references. In general, I'm not a fan of books that constantly include these because I really think that they date the book. In 20 years, readers may have to keep looking up things like I did to remind themselves about something from the past. In my case, I had to look up the dance from the movie "Michael". I've never seen the movie, so had I not looked up the dance on YouTube, I don't think I would have seen the humor in the bar scene quite as much.

The next book, Kiss of Temptation, comes out in the spring of 2013. I look forward to reading it!