A Merry Little Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas - Anita Higman A Merry Little Christmas is a very sweet book. It was a quick read and I was able to reading it in one afternoon. While the story takes place during the Christmas season, I wouldn't really call it a "Christmas" book. The story takes place in the 60s when racial equality is not even close to a reality. Times were more innocent and things were a lot slower paced.

I liked the overall story. It is one of faith, forgiveness, friendship and love. Franny has lived on her farm for her whole life, but she longs to see more of the world. When Charlie shows up at the farm and offers to buy it, she jumps at the chance. Her adventure takes her to the city where she makes a new dear friend. It also brings her back home to the place she realizes she belongs.

Charlie and Franny were very sweet with each other This is a very clean romance and it just made their fall into love that much sweeter. As Franny and Charlie come to care fore each other, their love for each other is tested, but that just makes it stronger. I do wish that the story had been a bit longer. I thought that the time frame for everything was a bit fast. The resolution with Charlie's father was a little too quick and wrapped up neatly in a bow for me.

This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Higman. I definitely would recommend it to anyone!