A Political Affair

A Political Affair - Mary Whitney
I'm not really into politics so I went into this book with reservations. Especially with this year's elections, I was kind of all politic-ed out. Boy, I am so glad I read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed A Political Affair. Instead of a political rant, I got a very sweet romance. There is also a peek into the behind the scenes life of a politician and the scrutiny under which they live every day.

Stephen is taken by surprise at his reaction to seeing his new intern, Anne Norwood. He knows that dating an intern would be the end of his political career. When he finds out that Anne is just as interested, he decides to take a chance. I really had to respect the way Stephen went about his courtship with Anne. While it was kept a secret from most people they are open with their families and allow them to be a part of the courtship. I enjoyed watching Stephen and Anne fall in love.

This book really made me think about our political leaders. I felt badly for Stephen Because of his career, he almost loses his chance at happiness. Should we allow such scrutiny of our politician's private lives? Does everything have to be a scandal? I have a feeling that this book will sit with me for a long time.