Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams - R.L. Stine Maggie and her family move into a home on Fear Street after her fahter dies. It's run down and needs some major TLC. The bonus is that the last family left a canopy bed behind. Maggie decides to keep it in her room and use it as her own. That is when the nightmares start. All I could think as I was listening to this book was "ewww". She slept on someone's old mattress. Can you say bed bugs, mold and who knows what else? Also, she finds to later that someone was murdered in the bed. Double gross. I could see saving the frame, but the mattress?

It's an OK mystery for a YA book. The characters were a bit underwhelming. I detested Maggie's sister Andrea. She was so whiny. Justin, the boyfriend, was not necessary to the book and probably could have been left out. The ending was just plain dumb. I was expecting a bit more reaction from the main characters. They act like it's just business as usual. Like they didn't just get attacked by a killer. Also there was no resolution to a few things in the book. I say stick with the Goosebumps books. They are much better than this.