If You Were Here

If You Were Here - Alafair Burke If You Were Here is the type of book that I would have loved to finish in one sitting. If real life hadn't stubbornly intervened, I would have done just that. That is how much this book sucked me in. McKenna is finally on track with her life. She has a job she loves and a happy comfortable marriage. When she thinks she sees an old friend who vanished 10 years earlier on a video, her life takes a sudden path down a dark road. As she starts to hunt for answers, strange things begin to happen. The video disappears, she is accused of fraud in her most recent magazine article and subsequently fired. The FBI is searching her work office and people start dying. McKenna begins to suspect everyone, even her husband.

I really liked the characters. McKenna was a strong female lead who fought back and tried to get to the bottom of everything, even when no one believed her. I also liked Scanlin. Even though he believed he was right about Susan, he was willing to go back and look at his original investigation to see if he had covered all of the bases. The only part that I didn't like was the relationship between McKenna and Patrick. I wasn't really sure through most of the book that either was very happy in their marriage, even thought I was told they were.

I don't want to reveal too much about the plot because that would ruin the story. There are a few twists that surprised me. The plot was very well planned out with the reveals just at the right time. The ending was great. I definitely recommend this latest stand alone novel by Ms. Burke. It's an exciting, fast paced book that will leave you with your head spinning.