Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Highlander Most Wanted is the second in the Montgomery/Armstrong series. While I enjoyed the first book, Never Seduce a Scot, I liked this one a bit more. This one is Bowen and Genevieve's story. Genevieve was the woman who helped Graeme find his wife in the first book.

Ms. Banks has given us a very emotional book. My heart broke for Genevieve and the things she had to endure. Any woman would have broken from the abuse, but she had the strength to become a survivor. I loved Bowen and his tenderness toward Genevieve. He sees beyond her scars to the woman she is underneath. I loved how he set out to woo her. His patience with her as he shows her how it can be between a man and a woman was very sigh worthy! I have to say Ms. Banks can right a great love scene! The sacrifice that he makes for her in the end was just heart wrenching. But, it was worth it for their wonderful HEA.

I can't wait for the next book in the series, Highland Ever After. It looks like it is Brodie and Taliesan's story. I was so hoping they would end with their own story! I look forward to more of these two wonderful families!