San Francisco Secrets

San Francisco Secrets - Greg Messel Once again, this author has given us a great story. I was immediately swept into both cases that Sam gets involved with. I was able to read the book fairly quickly. This time around, Sam gets a visit from an old flame and ends up having to help her with a case. He also gets involved in a black mail case that puts him and Amelia in some sticky situations. Let's just say, I'd be checking my brake lines before attempting any of those steep San Francisco hills! Speaking of San Francisco the author has once again sprinkled photos of life during the 1950 in the area. I always enjoy that.

We also get to visit with Sam and Amelia. I love this couple together! Their relationship is tested as Amelia begins her international flights. A slime-ball captain makes a play for Amelia. As a woman in the 2010s, I felt badly for what she has to endure as a stewardess. I know sexual harassment was common back in the 1950s, but is still gets to me. Women have come along way! In a way, the problems on her flight bring Sam and Amelia closer together For fans of their romance, I think you;ll love this book! I look forward to their next adventure!